Chris Maddox

Chris is the founder of The Wild Woman Project & WILD WOMAN FEST.

She’s been a teacher & healing professional in the world Feminine Spirituality, Yoga & Astrology for years. Her writing has appeared in Elephant Journal, Mind Body Green, Over the Moon Magazine, and many other wellness publications.

An ever-student of religious, philosophical & spiritual mysteries, she is always actively engaged in study. Most recently, she complete a 2 year formal study of Universal Sufism with Pir Zia Inayat Khan. Currently she is studying Astrology with Adam Elenbass, with an emphasis on the Traditional System.

Chris grew up in the theater: a place where devotion and ritual are inseparable from the ancient roots. This background touches the way she communicates and the dynamic quality of her teaching & offerings.

The spaces she creates for women are interfaith, diverse, sensuous, collaborative, and deeply feminine. These spaces (in trainings, circles, workshops, private sessions & festivals) are often filled with belly laughs, tears & tons of sister support.

Chris is devoted to awakening the feminine on the planet & does so in every way she knows how.

Learn more about Chris & her work at The Wild Woman