Should I come even if I am a total newbie to spirituality & wild womaness?

Great! You are in the ideal spot. When making the choice about whether to register or not, ask your heart. Really. If the thought of joining in makes you buzz with excitement & maybe a little nervousness, that is most likely a sign that this could be a big growth opportunity. At the festival there is a built in support system. So if you are ever feeling confused, lost, unsure, there will always be someone there for you. All you have to do is ask. If the thought of coming to the festival totally terrifies you or you not actually interested or excited at the prospect, I say invest your time, money & energy somewhere else. Find the thing that lights you up and do that. No hard feelings. If you have any more questions, at support@wildwomanfest.com.

What if I’ve never camped before?

Finding, building & sleeping in your own tent is a Wild Woman Initiation in itself. You couldn’t be more close to nature if you tried. Last year someone put up a post on Facebook: Anyone have a tent I can borrow for a week this summer? Right away someone raised their hand. She looked up a Youtube video of the set up (it’s the future, folks). Got to the festival & set it up like a champ (with a little help from festival friends). This could be you! Also, if you are not up for straight up camping, see the lodging options above.

I have special diet restrictions. What do I do?

Every meal is a home cooked vegetarian meal. Every meal has Gluten-Free & Dairy Free options. If you need to bring you own snack foods & extras, there is a storage area in the kitchen. Please bring food in a sealed/labeled bag. NO FOOD IN TENTS OR CABINS. Please write us atsupport@wildwomanfest.com in the case of extreme allergies/if you have questions about this.

Will I be able to shower?

There are shower huts (with sinks, toilets, water & all) centrally located on the mountain. Depending on the time of day you shower, you may get lucky and have a hot shower!

Do you offer any financial aid or scholarships?

Yes, we do. Partial scholarships for those in financial need are given via the Sister Support Scholarship Fund.

To apply, please send an email support@wildwomanfest.com requesting an official application.

Those who receive a partial scholarship will pay only $395/Per Session for their ticket. Recipients of Sister Support Scholarships will be required to attend WILD WOMAN FEST in its entirety and work 5-7 hours of service while in attendance. All sales (including Scholarship Tickets) will stop when the tickets sell out (which they did last year- in 4 days). So, please be prepared.

Is this festival associated with any particular religion or path?

No singular path or religion, but rather an inclusive coming together with women from all paths. We all come from different spiritual/cultural backgrounds and gather around the ideas of: Sisterhood (having each others backs, empowering one another), a respect for the earth (wildness, turning to nature as a teacher) & co-creation (the understanding that just as we co-create our experience on the mountain, so do we co-create life on earth). (We also tend to be a heart-centered bunch, lots of laughter & tears).

The Schedule is so full? How will I do everything?

Hopefully, you won’t. You will be encouraged to take time for yourself: time to sit in quiet, wander, lay around in the grass. Yes, there are many amazing offerings. No, you do not have to do them all.

What do I bring?

A few weeks before the festival, you will receive a welcome pack with all sorts of important details & to bring lists. We have your back on this.

I have travel related questions. Can you help?

Absolutely. We have create the “Getting There” page on this site to help you find your way to the mountain. Happy Travels!

What is the Wild Woman Fair?

All full festival pass holders are welcome to sell goods & offer services in this informal/super fun Wild Woman Fair time. We will set up on picnic tables & blankets. So Bring your goods/services, with whatever you need/want for your station & cash for this amazing sharing of gifts!

Can I bring alcohol?

There is no alcohol or illegal drugs permitted of the Festival grounds.

Can we bring children or teens?

Teen girls 16+ are welcome to join in, with a guardian. Due to the content, all other ages not allowed for this quite womanly event.

If you feel called to be there, we hope you will find a sitter & carve out this nourishing you time.

Another Option: If you have a partner, friend, family member, or caretaker that is willing to come with you, they are welcome to stay in a private room in the Dorms on the Abode Main Campus located at the bottom of the mountain that the FEST is held on. They will need to buy Dorm Accommodations when ticket sales go live. Private Dorm Accommodations are per person & do not include access to the FEST. If you come with a woman, she is welcome to join in the FEST (must purchase ticket) and you may alternate who stays with the little one at the bottom of the mountain & who goes up top to join in the Festivities. If you bring a man, he will have access to the beautiful grounds of the Abode Main Campus which includes a Library, a Pond, an Herb Garden, A Playground and much natural beauty to spare. There are restaurants & stores in close proximity to the Campus.

Are Trans women welcome?


Can I pay by check?

No. You can only purchase online with credit or debit card 24/7. See ticket page for details.

How many women will be there?

160 at each session.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no dogs are permitted at the retreat center where the fest happens.

I'd like to apply to teach/perform at the FEST. Is there a way to apply?

Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of WILD WOMAN FEST. Truly.

Generally, our teaching & performing roster is by invitation. If you feel particularly called, you are welcome to email us at support@wildwomanfest.com with your bio, links to your website & social media accounts & proposed offering. Please know that we have very few open teaching slots.

If the FEST seems exciting to you, we hope you will join us. Many of our Teachers & Performers were once FEST Participants.



Can I get a refund?

Tickets are Non-Refundable.

Is there any chance the Festival will be cancelled due to weather?

This is a Rain or Shine event. The FEST will go on!

Will there be day passes available?

Because of the FEST is very much a cohesive journey, there are no day passes available.

If you are really called to be there & have to miss a day or two, simply purchase your Full Fest ticket & come for the time that you are available.

If I am attending both sessions of the FEST may I leave my campsite set up?

Yes, you may leave your campsite set up, but all participants must depart from the mountain by 3pm Sunday, August 6th. The mountain will be closed to participants in between sessions so be sure to take everything you need with you!

How do I decide which session to attend?
First, the most practical thing to look at is your personal schedule. One session may be more convenient for you, personally. Other then that, it is largely intuitive. There will be some overlap in who is facilitating each session, but all the workshops and offerings will be totally different each session.
 Each Session will have a different feel & focus.
Key Words & Ideas for the Waxing Phase (first session): Bringing to Light, Witnessing, Rising, Courage, Building, Cultivating, Strengthening, Spring-like
Key Words & Ideas for the Waning Phase (second session): Falling & Feeling, Surrender, Softening, Letting Go, Pruning, Shaking Off, Laying to rest, Autumn-like
I don’t see my question here. How do I ask?

Write us here at support@wildwomanfest.com with any further questions.