Robin Kimball

Robin Kimball is a teacher in this life, and may have been before as well. In recognition of the tendency of the world towards disorder, I practice yoga. In recognition of the urgent necessity to serve, I teach yoga to high school students in Brooklyn. In recognition of the only tool I have, I live in and through my body. In recognition of our short time on Earth, I work towards radical unguardedness. When I last stood on the mountain I watched the great wind chimes ring themselves and came to know that I too am the gong that can sound itself – and in fact, I was already ringing: unstruck but sending out subtle frequencies to collide and comingle, and come back. When I listened to the message that my body wanted desperately to give me, I was ready to struggle, fail, try, fail better. Now the message calls me back to listen again, and the women have asked me back to teach, and I am honored.

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