Niki Andre

Niki does this thing called called an A Cappella Jam. She helps people sing their stories and share their songs. As an seasoned facilitator, and multi disciplined artist, Niki has experienced, first hand, how music and stories can bridge cultural gaps, encourage critical thinking and wake us more aware. She’s on a mission to share this experience with as many people as possible. A Canadian singer-songwriter, Niki’s sultry vocals, savvy lyrics and breath-giving spoken word have landed her multiple broadcast and festival appearances, in the US and at home. Shocked by a cancer diagnosis, in late 2014, Niki’s been re evaluating the way she works and lives… Grappling, as she recuperates, with how to live closer to nature and work in more meaningful and sustainable ways. She been collaborating with faith groups, using culture to connect people across different backgrounds and faiths. Her signature A Cappella Jams are really the gate… to a host of embodied practices which re-member ourselves Whole. The experience is always different – informed by those present – and bigger than the sum of it’s parts. Niki was trained in improvisational singing by several masters including three Berklee teachers who were founding members of Bobby McFerrin’s all-vocal ensemble, Voicestra. She hosts jams publicly, around the Greater Toronto Area. Private contracts include sessions for the Songwriters Association of Canada, Artscape Toronto, the Canadian Churches Forum, Rhythmfest.. and Wild Woman Fest ’17! Niki founded Circle Collective to create culture that connects, enCourages and mends. She is a certified yogini and hardcore foodie who is elated to be in your company and heading for hills, in solidarity …with all women, Untamed.