Theme: Mystic Moon

Waxing Session: August 2-6th 2017

Waning Session: August 9th-13th 2017

I feel like I healed about 10 to 15 years of trauma and damage that I have been carrying inside and found acceptance and true sisterhood among 70 women…

I truly feel transformed. I cannot wait to go again next year!


~Celia Nascimento

Contentment, growth, expansion, LOVE, sisters, Mother Earth, Full Moon, SOUL, LIFE, TREASURES, TALENT, BEAUTY, FIRE, Water, Warth, Wood, Passion, LIFE


~Shane Kulman

2017 THEME:

Mystic Moon

A mystic is one who seeks an ecstatic merging with the sacred, the divine. The Moon is many faced teacher, guide, friend, mother, grandmother, light. At the 4th Annual WILD WOMAN FEST, we will gather for an ecstatic deep dive into Lunar Wisdom, Sacred Sisterhood & Soulful Celebration. 

For the first time, there will be two sessions: the Waxing & the Waning. You may attend 1 or both. Each Session will be different, yet connected. The Waxing Session will be influenced by this rising nature of this phase & the Waning Session will be a deep & luscious surrender.  


With Photography By:

Augusta Rose & Irina Adam

WAXING SESSION: Simple Schedule

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WAXING SESSION: Details Schedule

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With Photography By:

Marnin Abad & Irina Adam

WANING SESSION: Simple Schedule

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WANING SESSION: Detailed Schedule

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Each Session Includes 5 Days & 4 Nights of

Ritual, Yoga, Circles, Experiential Workshops, Visualization & Meditation, Music & Art, Dance, Herbalism, Connecting to the Wild, Laughter, Discovery, Divination, Bonfires, Howling, Dreaming, Home cooked Vegetarian Meals… Oh, and Chocolate, lots of Chocolate…

There are approximately 45 workshops-happenings-offerings at each session! 

Feeling the Call?