Juliana Mitchell

Juliana came into this world with an innate love of movement, from a very young age she had a powerful need to move her body into varying shapes. At nine she read in a book that if you practice every day you can do splits and wheel. This seemed a good idea, and so she made up her own version of what practicing that would look like. Around the same time her older brothers were doing handstands in the living room, because they’re monkeys! When they weren’t around she secretly practiced this too. In her 11th year, her mom began to study with a yoga master named Amrit Desai. In this way, yoga philosophy and a dozen more, key yoga poses found their way into her life. By 18 she was studying the vastness of connecting to and freeing the breath, via the Linklater Technique. It was a natural transition in her twenties to commit to a formal yoga practice and in her thirties to begin to teach. Now in her forties, she teaches yoga full time. And still practices much like her 9 year old self. She loves to share yoga with anyone anywhere. Her teachers are Judith Lasater and Patanjali and Buddhist wisdom. Juliana is the director of Living Now Yoga LLC through which she teaches private yoga classes and is the director & creator of Carried Downward Breath – a prenatal yoga teacher training which she leads twice annually. She is proud to be a Wild Woman Fest teacher.

Learn more about Juliana at LivingNowYoga.com.