Amanda Salima McCall

Amanda Salima McCall is a mystic at heart. For as long as she can remember she has questioned and pondered the deeper layers and meanings of life on earth.This questioning led her to become a student of the mystical path of Sufism. After many years of study, Amanda became a coordinator in the Inayati Sufi Order and a graduate of Suluk Academy. She deeply believes that everyone holds within them a divine seed of potential that is just waiting for the right conditions to blossom and thrive.Her devotion to tending to the human experience, body and soul has driven her personal and professional life. She has been a healing arts practitioner for close to two decades. She is a licensed nurse and is currently pursuing a degree in social welfare. Amanda also enjoys singing and making music with her husband and she believes that life is magical when we are actively participating in the orchestra of our daily experience. Her interest in the subtle yet immensely powerful realm of sound healing, lends itself to the ancient practice of Zikr (Sufi chanting). Through this practice, she has come into contact with the way that the word,and sound contain vibratory frequencies that help our bodies, hearts and Souls, become in tune with our higher nature.


Amanda trained as a circle leader through the Wild Woman project in 2014 and currently leads women’s circles at the Abode of the Message in New Lebanon NY. She enjoys weaving Sufi teachings and the practice of Zikr into these gatherings. She is honored to co-create a sacred space for women to come together and share, through the unique and potent medium of The Wild Woman New Moon circles.